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ACMarket is one of the most comprehensive Android app installers available. Working on both iOS and Android devices, the installer is much like a third-party app store, offering access to thousands of Android apps and games, all free, including some of the very best modified versions too. acmarket not working

Downloading ACMarket app it is very simple and using it is easy too but, while most Android users have had a good experience with ACMarket, some have come across an irritating issue where the installer has stopped working. This could be down to any number of reasons, but there are three ways that you can try to fix the error.

Fix ACMarket Stopped Working on Android:


Start with Method 1 and work your way through until you find one that solves the problem on your device:

Method 1: Reset Your App Preferences

This is by far the easiest method and usually works for most people:

  1. Open your Android settings app on your device
  2. Go to Apps or App Manager, depending on the Android version you are running
  3. Look for All Apps and tap the menu
  4. Choose Reset App Preferences from the menuReset-App-preferences
  5. On the confirmation message, click on Reset Now
  6. Try ACMarket again, and it should work

Method 2: Clear the Package Installer Data and Cache

If the first method doesn’t work, try this one:

  1. Open your Settings app again
  2. Look for Apps or Manage apps and select it
  3. Scroll down to System Apps and look for Package Installer – tap it
  4. You now have two options – Clear Cache and Clear Data. Click on each one to clear them. Note – if you  clear-cacheare using Android Marshmallow 6.0, the options for clearing the data and cache will be found under Storage

If ACMarket still isn’t working, move on to method 3.

Method 3: Enable Unknown Sources

If neither of the above two methods has worked, this one will:

  1. One your Android Settings app
  2. Tap on Security and then on Unknown Sources.  android security unknown sources
  3. Make sure the box is checked beside Unknown sources to enable it
  4. Try the app again – if it still doesn’t work, delete ACMarket and reinstall it with this option enabled.

Hopefully one of these methods will work to fix ACMarket when it stops working on your Android device.

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  1. Hello,
    I installed ACMarket but it closes immediately after it opens. It doesn’t load anything from the app before closing (it’s just a white page).

    I uninstalled, redownloaded, and installed again and I’m still having this issue 🙁 I have Samsung Galaxy S8+

  2. I got the very same probs.. I’ve try all the methods u gave to fix it but none worked.. Even i’ve download through ur given link in ur reply for this guy feedback, the problem still existed

    1. hi dex. then there must be an issue at the developer’s end. please wait 48 hours as the app developer has been notified and been looking in this issue.

  3. It used to work fine but now when I open it it just exits without any message or anything even when I reinstalled it, it just confirmed the app permissions and then exited again. I’m on Android.

  4. Hello,
    Every time when I open up this app it says AC Market has unfortunately stopped. I tried the steps that you guys provided above but it still doesn’t work. This app used to work fine but now it’s not. Sorry for the troubles.

  5. Unfortunately, Acmarket has stopped. I am using Nox. I have followed all of the steps above and still the app keeps crashing. Getting a little frustrated at this point.

  6. Hi. I’m having the same problem. My ac market isn’t working. It stops immediately. I tried everything you say we should do, but nothing happens.

  7. When I install and open the app it’s just white. I have tried all you said l should for days but it’s not working

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