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ACMarket is a third-party app installer with a difference. Until now, every Mobile App Installer released has contained only iOS apps, but ACMarket is dedicated purely to Android content.acmarket app new circuular 120px white border

But what if you try it and don’t like it? What if it takes up too much space on your device, and you don’t have much to start with? The answer is simple, Delete ACMarket. It’s also been found that, when users battle common installation errors with AC Market, the easiest way to fix them is to delete it and then install ACMarket from scratch.

How to Delete ACMarket:

Luckily, deleting AC Market is easy, both on iOS and Android devices, taking just a few seconds to achieve and putting your device back to how it was before you installed it. Here’s how to do it:

Method 1: iOS

  1. Unlock your iOS device screen and look for the AC Market app icon
  2. Tap and hold it ( you do not want to open it )
  3. The icon will start to wiggle; look in the top left corner, and you will see a cross, tap it  acmarket_app_iphone delete_app
  4. Now you need to tap Delete on the popup message
  5. AC Market will be removed from your iOS device

Method 2: Android App

  1. Unlock your screen
  2. Open your Settings app, either from your home screen or from your App Drawer
  3. Tap on Applications or Apps and a list of your installed apps will load uninstall android app
  4. Look through the list of apps until you find ACMarket, tap on it
  5. Tap Uninstallandroid app delete
  6. Wait until the process has finished, close your Settings app and you will see that ACMarket has been deleted from your device

If you do want to try it again at any time, simply follow the instructions to Install ACMarket, either on Android or iOS.

ACMarket is a unique app installer that only offers Android apps. It’s a great way for Android users to get back some of the apps they used to get from Rooting and to get the full Android Root experience without actually Rooting. It’s a great way for Android users to get those unofficial apps and other apps they can’t usually get.

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