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Are you using ACMarket on your Android device but want something a little bit different? Try Panda Helper, a trendy alternative to ACMarket that is packed with fresh content. panda helper

Download it by clicking the button below. It’s FREE to use!

Panda Helper Android

Panda Helper iOS App

How to Use Panda Helper:

It’s also very simple:

  1. Open the app by tapping the icon on your home screen   panda helper android apk
  2. Tap Apps from the bottom of the screen and pick your category
  3. Find the app or game you want, tap it and install it

Crazy simple!

Panda Helper Features:

There is something for everyone in this very versatile installer:

  • Android Apps – Loads of Android and iOS apps and games, all FREE
  • Exclusive Helper Apps – Android tweaks, games emulators, movie apps, screen recorders, and more
  • Tweaks Apps – Lots of iOS and Android tweaks that bring new features to iOS and Android OS.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

How to Delete Panda Helper:

Deleting Panda app from your Android device is really very simple to do:

  1. Open Android Settings – use your App Drawer or from your home screen
  2. Tap Applications (or Apps, depending on Android version)
  3. Find Panda Helper in the list of installed apps and tap it
  4. Tap Uninstall
  5. Wait; when it’s done, the app is gone from your device

But wait, there’s more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

No doubt you have a question or two so let’s see if we can answer them:

  • Will My Warranty be voided?

No, because Panda Helper is safe and is installed like any other standard app. It won’t go against any security rules but, if you are at all concerned, just delete it before you take your device in for repair.

  • I Can’t Get it To Download or Verify

A little patience is needed here. The app certificate has been revoked, and the developers will be in the process of updating it. Just remove Panda Helper from your device, wait a couple of hours and then have another go.  You may also see a similar message saying “Can’t Connect to Panda Helper Site” – this is for the same reason so again, wait a couple of hours and try again.

  • Can I Request Apps?

Yes, just post your request on the Twitter feed for the developer. We can’t guarantee your application will be honored though.

One last thing

Don’t forget to enable Unknown Sources in Settings > Security on your Android device so the app can run. android security unknown sourcesThat’s all for now; let us know how you get n and follow us on Facebook for more tips and tricks.

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