Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher app allows you to modify and customize your Android device to get the best performance out of your phone.lucky patcher

You can download and install the LuckyPatcher Android APK from the links below.

Download APK Link 1

Download APK Link 2

Minimum Requirements:

To install the LuckyPatcher app on your device, it requires certain permissions.

  • To read from your memory card
  • To modify or delete what is on your SD card
  • To modify system settings
  • To draw over other apps
  • Your location

How to Install Lucky Patcher:

  1. Download the LuckyPatcher APK file to your device using the download button(s) above, or download it from AC Market or Aptoide appstore.
  2. Tap the downloaded apk file, tap Install and accept all permissions. lucky patcher
  3. Tap on Allow from this Source option and proceed.lucky patcher permission
  4. After installing Lucky patcher, you will see a screen like this. You can now start using the app. 
    lucky patcher

How to Use Lucky Patcher:

  1. To modify an app or game, simply tap on the application name and select “Create Modified APK”
  2. Now you have to choose “Patch for Modification of APK”
  3. The APK file that was created will now be located at the folder /sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Modified/
  4. Open the folder and install the apk file.

LuckyPatcher App Features:

  • Ad removal – remove those irritating ads that interrupt gameplay with just a few clicks
  • Convert apps to system apps – copy apps to the system folder and convert the app to a pre-installed system app; keep it on your device forever
  • Move apps to the memory card – LuckyPatcher can help free up space on your device by moving apps to your memory card
  • File backups – use the built-in Take Backup Feature to back the app up to an external file and then you can export it to your PC, an external drive or to the cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The following are some common questions about the LuckyPatcher app.

  • What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is a cool tool that has many benefits. It isn’t just an ad-blocker; it can also help you move and modify Android system apps, help you with backing up files, move files to your memory card, and more. It is free to download. Check out the infographiclucky patcher infographic english below.


  • Is Lucky Patcher Safe?

No, it cannot be considered safe since it heavily modifies your device. Lucky Patcher installation requires several permissions in which it disables your device security in order to run. This app is meant for enthusiasts who want those extra modifications that Lucky Patcher offers. 

  • Can I Uninstall Lucky Patcher?

Yes, Lucky Patcher can be installed and uninstalled just like a regular Android app.

  • Does Lucky Patcher have Malware?

It is hard to say. The developers claim that the app is clean, however with each update, there can be new security vulnerabilities in the app.

  • Do I Need To Root My Android Device?

No, you do not have to root your device. It is possible to install the Lucky Patcher APK file on a non-rooted device also.

  • How to Fix the App Not Installed Error?
  1. Launch Google Play Store on your device
  2. Tap on the Menu button ( 3 vertical bars )
  3. Scroll down and tap on Play Protect
  4. Disable the option to Scan Device For Security Threats
  5. Click OK on the warning and try installing LuckyPatcher again.

Now it should work just fine.

  • How to get Lucky Patcher on iOS?

Lucky Patcher is not available for the iPhone and iPad. It was created only for Android OS.

Download LuckyPatcher today and enjoy everything it brings. Don’t forget to tell us how you liked the app in the comments section below and follow us on Facebook for more cool tips.

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