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Looking to download the ACMarket app for iOS? Then keep reading.

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Update: At the moment the ACMarket app is partially supported on the iPhone. If you are an iPhone user, download the TutuApp installer that works 100% on iOS. The detailed tutorial is given below.

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How to Install TutuApp:

  1. Tap the buttons above to download the TutuApp iOS profile on your iPhone. 

  2. After the profile is downloaded, go to Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management and tap on Install followed by the Trust option on the selected profile. tutuapp iphone profile
  3. Go to the home screen and start using the new app.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can you get ACMarket for iOS?

No, there is no version of the ACMarket app for iOS devices. The ACMarket app is created only for Android devices.

  • Is ACMarket Safe for iOS?

Since there is “No Official Version” of the AC Market app for iPhone, downloading any app from the web that claims to be ACMarket for iOS is dangerous. This can harm your device’s safety.

  • How do I get ACMarket for iOS?

There are several alternatives to download free apps and tweaks on the iPhone since ACMarket only works for Android devices. We have listed a couple of nice app installers that work great on iOS.

  • What is Better than ACMarket for iPhone?

There are several alternative apps for iOS users. We recommend downloading the Panda Helper app for iPhone users.

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89 thoughts on “ACMarket iOS Download”

  1. I am sorry, but I can not get it to work I can not do the step with clicking the “place on home page” or something like that. Please help I REALLY enjoy the App.

  2. How do I use kine master it won’t let me!☹️🤨I keep clicking and it won’t work plz do something about it…

    • hi, since its not a native iOS app. its simply ported there via this shortcut method. to get a full-fledged app, use the alternative app installers linked above

  3. Can you add just coin master please ?because this game is my best game please .
    Thank you!
    And i think that this app will be better when you add coin master please i am beggining i need much money to beet my freinds omg please help me

  4. eu nao consigo acessar o que eu achei aqui é o que chamamos de arc Market e não me atendi mais uma coisa sofri muito para achar este aplicativo

  5. Guys I dont know how to play football Manager 2019 on ios. I have tried panda tutuapp tweakbox and appvalley, they don’t work. Can help please because tutuapp wants money

    • hi, thank you for the recommendation. We would like to hear more as how you want it implemented and how it should work. We are always open to user suggestions to improve our site experience.

  6. My Spotify works for a day or so but then the app unverifies so I have to delete but all the other downloaders won’t let me download it back until like a week later


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