A streaming app Fildo allows you to stream high-quality audio from anywhere in the world. What stands it apart from other similar apps is that the app does not hold its own audio collection; instead, it brings the files in from all different sources.fildo

How to Download Fildo:

There are two ways to download the Fildo app and enjoy unlimited online music.

Method 1: Fildo APK

Download APK File

Fildo is not available for download in the official Playstore but is still easy enough to download. All you need to do is download the APK file from above onto your device, making sure that you do the following before the apk file installation on your android device.

  • Settings > Security on your device first to enable Unknown Sources. chrome enable unknown sources

Method 2: Fildo for PC

fildo for pc

Download APK File

You can download the Fildo Radio app ( Flite ) on your Windows PC directly from the Microsoft Windows store. Tap on the download link above and install it directly from the official page.

Method 3: Fildo for iPhone

acmarket iphone

According to the developers of the app, Fildo for iOS is undergoing development and will be released anytime. If you want to listen to free music on your iOS device, then download the Spotify app.

About Fildo App:

fildo app iphone

It is getting harder and harder to get MP3 files from the web. Music labels and copyright owners are cracking down, download services start-up and shut down quickly, and many users have turned to online services, such as Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, and others, to listen to their music rather than downloading files.

Many people do still choose to download their music files, though, and apps such as Fildo make it easy to get your tunes onto your tablet or smartphone. It really is as simple as downloading the APK onto your device, search for your favorite tunes, and download them. Some of the best features of this MP3 downloader are listed below.

App Features:

  • Search engine built-in
  • See search results with artist images
  • Filter searches by albums or individual tracks
  • Download your music straight to an SD card
  • Listen online
  • Many more features

It’s as simple as that – install the app, search, and download your music.


Please keep in mind that Fildo is not a host; it is merely an interface that leads to search engines for MP3 files. Fildo does not control the resources or websites provided by external parties.

Download the Fildo app on your Android device and enjoy your music on the go. You would require the internet to download and play your music using the Fildo app.

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