Melon PlayGround

Are you bored of your mobile games? Would you like a completely different type of game to play? Have a look at Melon Playground.

melon playground

Melon Playground is a 2D sandbox game that offers casual gameplay that requires you to use nothing more than your imagination.

What is Melon Playground?

melon playground game

Otherwise known as Melon Sandbox, Melon Playground was released as a casual game in 2022. It offers a very different type of gameplay to many of the games in the app store, providing players with an open space to do what they want. Choose your map, then add in what you want from the menus, including people and animals made of fruit. And there are plenty of objects and weapons you can use, too.

Melon Playground Game Features:

Melon Playground is a unique kind of game with a ton of cool features:

  • Free to play with optional in-app purchases
  • Choose your map and populate it with objects of your choice
  • Add fruit-people or animals, and make them do what you want them to do
  • Create your own scenarios
  • Experiment with physics to see how your characters interact with different objects
  • Create weapons, building objects, vehicles, and more
  • Create textures for most objects
  • Share your scenarios and creations with other people
  • Use the Feature Workshop to enhance your creations
  • View other people’s creations and Like them or mark them as a Favorite

There are plenty more cool features, and the only real limit here is your imagination.

How to Download Melon Playground:

Melon Playground is one of the more unique games you’ll ever play and once you start it, you won’t want to put it down. You can easily download it onto your Android or iOS device from your app store, or you can click one of the direct download links below:

iOS Game Download Link

Android APK Downloader


Despite being a relatively new game, Melon Playground works on a surprisingly large number of devices. There are minimum requirements, though:

  • Android: needs version 5.2 or above and is device-dependent
  • iOS: iPhone and iPod Touch on iOS 13.0, iPadOS 13.0 on iPad, and Apple Vision on visionOS 1.0 or higher

Melon Playground can also be played on Mac computers, so long as they have an Apple M1 or higher chip and macOS 11.0 or higher. If you install an Android emulator, such as BlueStacks, Melon Playground can be installed on Windows, too.

With the Android and iOS app stores packed with games, you are spoiled for choice, and it can sometimes be hard to find something completely new. Melon Playground is the game you’ve been looking for, a unique game that lets you create everything, and the only limit to what you can create and do with the app is your own imagination. Download Melon Playground onto your device today and see what you can create.

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