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Want to know how to get extra features on one of the most popular social media apps for free? Then read on.whatsapp plus small

With so many social media users active today, it’s no wonder that the corresponding apps are also very popular. One social messaging app that has millions of active users is WhatsApp but it is far from being a perfect app. Instead, you want WhatsApp++, a modified app that offers plenty of new features on top of the stock WhatsApp.

And it’s all free!

WhatsApp++ Features :

  • Disable your Last Seen and Online status
  • Stop Read receipts so no one knows if you read their message
  • Use your fingerprint or passcode to login to WhatsApp++
  • Send music without DRM
  • Send as much media as you want at once
  • Record audio with one tap
  • No need to crop your profile image
  • Customize text, color and other parts of the app
  • Delivery receipts may be disabled

And now you’ll want to know how to download this, yes?

How to Get WhatsApp++ :

This is a crazy simple method; no computer, just your Android device and the internet is all you need. You will have to install an unofficial Android app store called ACMarket first – full details at the link. Once this is installed, open the installer and look for WhatsApp++. Install it from ACMarket and start using it in place of the stock app.

That is all you need to do; it’s that simple!

Untrusted developer Error Fix:

If WhatsApp++ or ACMarket doesn’t work for you, there is one thing you can try:

  1. Open Android Settings
  2. Tap on Security
  3. Locate the option for Unknown Settings and tap the box to enable it

Now delete both ACMarket and WhatsApp++, reinstall them and try again; you should find that both work perfectly well.

ACMarket is the only unofficial source of Android apps and games and there are tons to choose from. WhatsApp++ is certainly one of the more popular downloads so go ahead and download it today; tell us your thoughts on the app and the extra features; were they worth it? it includes You can get more Android tips and tricks by following us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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