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Online video watching is one of the most done activities among online users in the world, but it isn’t always easy to find the video you want, and you don’t always have a great internet connection, especially not on a mobile device. A new app called SnapTube has been released to make things much easier on an Android device, and it’s free to download.snaptube app

App Features:

SnapTube is an online video downloader app that makes downloading videos from popular websites easy. It offers a heap of useful features, including:

  • Download any online video fast
  • Download for offline watching or stream direct
  • Several options to help you search
  • Large catalog with subcategories, lists of popular videos and most views
  • Daily recommendations for videos
  • Simple browsing
  • Choice of download quality
  • Download only audio or video+audio
  • Manage your own Video channel easily
  • More features

How to Download SnapTube:

Download APK

SnapTube Video Downloader is a great choice for Android users, and the best way to install it is to use an app installer called ACMarket, a great source of unofficial Android apps and games:

  1. Using the linked guide, download ACMarket onto your device
  2. Now open your Android Settings app and go to Security. Enable the Unknown Sources option so ACMarket will work
  3. Launch ACMarket from your home screen and go to the search bar
  4. Type in SnapTube and tap search
  5. Tap Install to download SnapTube on your device
  6. When the installation has finished, you can start using SnapTube for all your online video downloads

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

  • Is SnapTube Free?

Yes, it is completely free to download and use.

  • Why is SnapTube Not Available on Google Play?

It is because of copyright issues. Google operates a policy that they will not allow any apps that allow online video downloads.

  • Is SnapTube Safe?

Yes, SnapTube is safe to use. Tests show no viruses, malware, or anything else that can harm your device or data.

  • Will It Work on My iPhone or iPad?

Not at the moment, SnapTube is an Android-only app.

  • What About Filtering Search Results?

This is easy enough; on the results page are two options, at the bottom of the page. Those options are ALL and DURATION and can be used for filtering videos by Upload Date and video length.

  • How Do I Update The App?

The developers will send you a notification when there is an update available. Click on the notification and follow the directions onscreen to update. If it doesn’t work, go to the download button above and download the latest app version from there. If it doesn’t work, you will need to delete SnapTube from your device and start again.

  • Is There a Way of Contacting SnapTube?

If you require help or you want to provide some feedback, you can contact SnapTube in three ways – Like us on Facebook,  go to the app Settings or click on the Report a Bug button.

  • Is SnapTube Legal?

It is for personal use only, and you must use it as per your country’s laws. Violations could result in the service being terminated.

  • How to Stop Snap Tube app Crashing:

If you find that the app crashes often, it may be that the app certificate has been revoked. To fix this, you should use a VPN on your device, hiding the app certificates and letting you play uninterrupted.

ACMarket is an excellent alternative app store, packed with Android apps and games, some 3rd-party, and some tweaks with extra features for free. SnapTube is just one great app, so download it and follow us on Facebook for more great app updates and Android tips.

Additional Information:

App Name:
SnapTube Inc
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