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Some games will always garner more downloads than others and one that has enjoyed huge download numbers is Pokémon Go. The idea behind the game is simple – hunt down the Pokémon, capture them and train them before pitting them against other players’ Pokémon in a battle to be the champion. It is missing some vital features though, including safety features, but those have been made available with the release of the Pokémon Go++ mod for Android.

pokemon go mod

Pokémon Go++ Features :

The standard game uses augmented reality to allow you to see the Pokémon as you go about your daily business. With the Pokémon Go++, a few extra features are added in:

  • Hunt and capture Pokémon from your own home; never have to leave home to do it again
  • A built-in trainer helps you to locate the Pokémon in your area
  • The trainer will highlight the most valuable Pokémon for you, giving you an edge in the game
  • Built-in joystick control
  • Loads of in-app settings to help you customize the app
  • Installing the Pokémon Go++ is easy
  • It is completely free and includes all the in-app features and purchases for free too.

How to Download Pokémon Go++ :

To get all the in-app features for free you need to download an unofficial Android app installer called ACMarket. This is a source containing thousands of different Android apps and games, with Pokémon Go being one of the most popular.

  1. Use the guide at the link to download ACMarket onto your Android device
  2. Now open your Android Settings and go to Security; there, check the box to enable Unknown Sources android security unknown sources
  3. Open ACMarket on your device acmarket app new circuular 120px white border
  4. Search for Pokémon GO and wait for the results; tap the one that goes with your device
  5. Tap on Install and wait for Pokémon Go to be installed.

Now you can join in the craze that is sweeping the world for free.

Pokémon Go has proven to be one of the most popular games in the world but it does have safety issues. With the Pokémon Go++ you don’t need to leave home to hunt your monsters so you eliminate the chances of accidents happening, either while you are on foot or driving.

Download Pokémon Go++ from ACMarket and tell us if you think the mod is worth it. You can get more tips and tricks for Android devices by following us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. The ACM market app icon is very different than pictured on your website. There is so sd o no Pokémon Go app for android. Please advise how I can download Pokémon Go++ for Samsung Galaxy S9+

    1. Hi , thank you for your comment. The ACMarket app Team keeps on changing its icons frequently , however you will get the latest downloads and tutorials on our page. PokemonGo is unavailable , but is under development from the PokeGo++ team. Check their official site here for the latest updates : https://pokego2.com/

  2. I downloaded ACmarket to get the Pokemon go++ But I don’t see it when I search for it… all there are is various tools for pokemon go..
    Please advise me how to get , please!

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