Pokemon Go

There really isn’t any doubt; Pokemon Go is one of the most downloaded games in the world and that’s because it takes the popular Pokemon to a whole new level.pokemon go

Even better

It’s free to play

Let’s dive in

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon has always been popular but Pokemon Go takes things even further. Now, using the GPS sensor on your Android smartphone along with augmented reality, you can hunt down your Pokemon wherever you go.


App Features:

  • Pokemon Go offers you these cool features:
  • Find Pokemon anywhere – in your back yard, in the store, at the coast, anywhere you go
  • Catch Pokemon to fill up your Pokedex
  • Join your buddy Pokemon to strengthen your Pokemon and get rewards
  • Train your Pokemon
  • Take part in Raid battles with other trainers to catch the more powerful Pokemon
  • Compete in Gym battles
  • Optimized for smartphone – not for Android tablets
  • Requires Android 4.4 or above
  • Works best on smartphones with 2 GB RAM or more
  • Much more just waiting for you

Cool, right?

But there’s more

Although Pokemon Go is free to play, there are in-app purchases that can make the game better. You can password protect these to make it harder to purchase or to stop others that use your smartphone from making purchases on your account. Just open Android settings and go to User Controls. Select the option to Set or change PIN/password and type in what you want. In User Controls, you can then enable that PIN/password to be used for all in-app purchases.

Let’s move on

How to Download Pokemon Go:

This is simple, just open the Play Store on your device and download it or tap the link to go to the app page:

Download Pokemon Go


There are safety issues with this app. There have been reports of people being involved in accidents because they are concentrating on playing the game, searching for their Pokemon, and not on where they are going. Please be careful and do not use the app while you are driving or in a place where you need to concentrate – only use it where you are safe to play without harming yourself or others.

Go ahead

Download Pokémon Go onto your Android smartphone and join millions of people as they hunt for the best Pokemon to train up and send into battle. If you want more cool Android tips, follow us on Facebook.

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  1. The ACM market app icon is very different than pictured on your website. There is so sd o no Pokémon Go app for android. Please advise how I can download Pokémon Go++ for Samsung Galaxy S9+

    • Hi , thank you for your comment. The ACMarket app Team keeps on changing its icons frequently , however you will get the latest downloads and tutorials on our page. PokemonGo is unavailable , but is under development from the PokeGo++ team. Check their official site here for the latest updates : https://pokego2.com/

  2. I downloaded ACmarket to get the Pokemon go++ But I don’t see it when I search for it… all there are is various tools for pokemon go..
    Please advise me how to get , please!


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