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PUBG is a popular first-person shooter game, and it is also the inspiration behind another game – Free Fire – Battlegrounds. Shooting games are making a comeback these days, with more and more appearing in the Android app store every day. Free Fire – Battleground is just one of those games, and we will be telling you to bypass the PlayStore to install it.

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What is Free Fire – Battleground?

Free Fire – Battleground is a third-person shoot-em-up game of survival with up to 50 players fighting to dominate an island. That island is full of useful resources such as vehicles and weapons. The game controls are simple – character control is by way of a D-pad on the left of your screen and movement buttons are on the right. Interaction with objects is done by tapping the on-screen button, and you can also view your inventory and select your weapon.

The idea is to be the last person standing; there are just 50 players in each game, and you play for a very hectic 15 minutes and, as you progress, the force field will close in on slowly, restricting your gameplay area.

How to Download Free Fire Battleground :

Free Fire Battleground is best downloaded using an unofficial Android app store called ACMarket:

  1. Go into your Settings app and open Security; enable Unknown Sources
  2. Download ACMarket and open it on your Android device acmarket app new circuular 120px white border
  3. Search for Free Fire – Battleground and tap the search result
  4. Tap on Install and leave the game to install; when you see the icon on your homepage, you can join the battle.

ACMarket is full of useful and cool apps and games like Free Fire – Battlegrounds; everything is free and has extra features so download the game today, tell us if you won or not and follow us on Facebook for more Android app recommendations.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


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