Fortnite is one of the newest battle games to hit the Android market, and it is fast catching up with other popular games. It’s a cool game, and you want in on the action.fortnite

The best bit?

It’s free to download

What’s the story?

What is Fortnite?

It is a survival game – nothing more, nothing less. You have one goal – be the last person standing. You start in a safe area, and the longer you survive, the smaller that area gets. Build your fort, protect it, and take out your opponents.

It’s that simple.

Game Features:

Fortnite offers Android players a whole host of cool features:

  • Free to download and play – in-app purchases available
  • Build your fort, gather resources and gear and fight to the very end
  • Play alone or join a squad
  • Join the Party Hub and connect with others
  • Play Creative – play games with friends, explore creations from the community, see new daily features islands and more
  • Each game consists of up to 100 players
  • Updated weekly with new features
  • Loads more cool features

It doesn’t get any better than this

How to Download Fortnite:

Normally, we would tell you to go to the Android app store and download it, but the developers chose not to submit this game.  Instead, it is hosted for free on their own website, and that is where you will download it from – just tap the link below to go right to it:

Download Fortnite on Android

It’s not difficult

We’re not done yet

While the game is free, it is a bit limited if you don’t make the in-app purchases. That said, you can still have a ton of fun without paying any real money. If your Android device is shared with others, though, you may want to take steps to prevent in-app purchases:

  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Open Android Settings > User Controls
  3. Tap the option to set a PIN or Password and input it
  4. Go back to User Controls and enable the option to Use PIN/Password for In-App purchases

Don’t tell anyone what it is, and your credit card will be safe.

Your turn

What do you think? Fortnite is certainly a cool game, and it is fast becoming one of the most popular battle games of all time. It’s well worth a look, so download it and try and follow us on Facebook for more Android tips and app recommendations.

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