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ACMarket is one of our most popular app installers, released to provide an alternative to Rooting for all Android mobile devices. When ACMarket app is installed you can download as many apps and games as you want that you cant get from any other official source. And if you use iOS you can also download the ipa files and get the extra apps and games.

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What is ACMarket App ?

Rather than just being an installer, ACMarket Store ( twitter ) is more like an unofficial clone of the Play Store. Inside, you will find thousands of Android apps, some modified with additional features and many that simply can’t be got from the official store. For those who might be concerned, ACMarket is very safe to use, it has been thoroughly tested and declared secure and stable, although you should still protect your device with a decent anti-virus solution. ACMarket has plenty of useful features to tempt just about any user and, before we tell you how to get it on your device, we’ll look at the best of them.

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ACMarket Features :

ACMarket is one of the more comprehensive installers and here’s what you will find:

  • It is free to download
  • All the content is completely free  acmarket_samsung-galaxynote5-white-portrait (1)
  • Works on iOS too
  • No need for Cydia nor for rooting your Android device
  • Choose from thousands of Android apps and games
  • Lots of apps and games modified with additional features
  • Several themes included for you to customize ACMarket
  • Easy to navigate
  • Plenty of other features

How to Download AC Market :

ACMarket is incredibly easy to download and use but you can forget about going to your app store to get it – it won’t be there. Because it is another kind of app store, it is seen as competition to both the lay Store and iOS so it isn’t allowed in. However, you can follow our tutorial that contains the direct download links you need to get ACMarket onto your device and you will find that linked below, along with lots more information about ACMarket:

Important Links :

Android users have never had access to Cydia so they have never been able to download modified apps and games, despite having a platform that allows more in the way of third-party downloads. Now, with ACMarket at their fingertips, they too can have the extra content, joining iOS users as they experience the best of what Android has to offer.

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